ENPLAN provides environmental planning and geospatial information services and products to both public and private sectors. We have served over 500 clients since we began in 1980. Throughout our existence, we have remained absolutely committed to leading-edge quality and innovation in the solutions we deliver.


See our high-resolution orthoimagery and LiDAR elevation data (DEM) coverages – available exclusively from ENPLAN and deliverable immediately.

High Resolution OrthoimageryDigital Elevation Data

Our LiDAR – typical bare earth hillshade or shaded relief – the ultimate in earth surface visualization

Rice fields, irrigation canals, turnouts, and drainage ditches – MapPort geospatial asset management system -- Richvale Irrigation District – Butte County.

Botanical survey – environmental constraints analysis for a planned industrial facility – Mount Shasta

Wastewater treatment pond renovation funded by USEPA and Rural Development – delineation and permitting assistance – Fort Bidwell Reservation

Freshwater wetland creation – Elk Valley Road Widening – Del Norte County

Scoping Meeting – Initial Study (IS) and Environmental Assessment (EA) – Northern California Veterans Cemetery

Botanical Survey – sampling freshwater emergent vegetation in constructed wetland

Mill tailings thickener – Washington Mine -- SMARA Compliance – French Gulch

Wastewater treatment pond renovation funded by USEPA and Rural Development – delineation and permitting assistance – Fort Bidwell Reservation

Northern California Veterans Cemetery site plan – CEQA/NEPA compliance

Measuring stem diameters – valley elderberry longhorn beetle exit-hole survey

Effluent evaporation pond liner used to prevent groundwater contamination – EIS – Eagle Lake Basin

Pacific treefrog tadpole at the Buzzard Roost Bridge Replacement Project at Cedar Creek - Wildlife Survey - Shasta County

Visualization output using our LiDAR digital elevation data – canopy layer color shaded relief

Governor Schwarzenegger – Redding Veterans Home groundbreaking ceremony – CEQA Mitigation Monitoring

Water tank replacement funded by Rural Development – NEPA Compliance – Rolling Hills Mutual Water Company

Northern Pacific rattlesnake - patiently waiting at a ground squirrel burrow entrance – encountered during wildlife survey

Glass electrical insulators used in mining operations circa 1930 – Archaeological Inventory

Screening for archaeological resources near Eagle Lake – Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) – Spalding CSD Wastewater System – Lassen County

Obsidian projectile points found at the proposed North Fork Ranch subdivision site - Archaeological Inventory - Shasta County

Reporter examines eight UltraCam X lenses collecting high resolution multispectral aerial imagery for ENPLAN – Shasta, Tehama, Siskiyou private lands core region

Test Pit TP15 - Location - upland swale - Army Corps of Engineers permit application submittal.

Wastewater treatment clarifiers next to Pacific Ocean – GIS-based Infrastructure Asset Management System – City of Fort Bragg

Milling slab used by the Atwamsini Band of the Pit River Tribe – CalFire Intermountain Conservation Camp Replacement – Lassen County

Safe Routes to Schools – map for parents and students to encourage walking to and from school – City of Shasta Lake

Seasonal habitat – foothill yellow-legged frog – Buzzard Roost Road Bridge Replacement Project – Shasta County

Egret foraging in restored vernal pool – habitat for Threatened vernal pool fairy shrimp and Endangered tadpole shrimp – planning, implementation, supervision and monitoring by ENPLAN

Resident bat to be relocated – biological impact mitigation – Sacramento River Bridge Replacement

UltraCam X and platform pictured were responsible for collecting our 2008 and 2010 high-resolution coverages – manufactured by Austrian company Vexcel owned by Microsoft– our favorite camera

“Order is the foundation of all things good.” – Edmund Burke

Cluster of flowers on a blue elderberry, host plant of the federal threatened valley elderberry longhorn beetle - Botanical Survey - Shasta County

Silt fence and erosion control blankets – Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and monitoring – Construction General Permit (CGP)

Early spring bloom of wetland plants, creeping spikerush and two-horned downingia, within restored vernal pool

Recording archaeological resources eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and California Register of Historic Resources (CRHR) – northeastern California

CalFire Ishi Conservation Camp –reconstruction proposed – CEQA compliance – Tehama County

Color bare earth hillshade with contours overlaid using our LiDAR digital elevation data

Low-income housing funded by Rural Development – NEPA compliance – Red Bluff

Is there still gold in them hills? – Washington Mine – SMARA Compliance – French Gulch

Evaluating topographic barriers/hydrologic connectivity in vicinity of vernal pool known to support Endangered shrimp species – ENPLAN LiDAR digital elevation data used as base

Eagle Lake Marina reconstruction - CEQA compliance - Spalding, Lassen County

Visual simulation of CHP communications tower – EIR – Truckee

Vernal Pool Tadpole Shrimp Exoskeleton - proposed mitigation bank site on Millville Plains - Shasta County

Eagle Lake Marina reconstruction – CEQA compliance – Spalding, Lassen County

Recording limits of jurisdictional waters at a proposed subdivision site - Wetland Delineation - Shasta County

Ukiah Air Attack Base Relocation – Environmental Impact Report (EIR) – Mendocino County

Phase I ESA – site inspection

Historic adit – within Washington Mine Reclamation Plan study area – French Gulch

Put to the test – our SWPPP and implementation hold up under a storm

Viewshed analysis for new CHP communication tower in Mono County – green overlay indicates locations from which tower is visible – California Department of General Services

Wetland delineation mapped on our 2010 high resolution imagery and LiDAR digital elevation model (DEM) data followed by field truthing and evaluation

Juvenile foothill yellow-legged frog – yellow coloration evident on back legs – wildlife survey – Buzzard Roost Road, Shasta County

Chipped basalt core used prehistorically for tool production – Archaeological Inventory

Stream diversion for railroad bridge repair project – environmental compliance documentation – Thomes Creek, Tehama County

Bridge replacement project – BMP inspections – Los Molinos

Test Pit TP15 - upland swale - Army Corps of Engineers permit application submittal.

Irrigation flow control structure – Asset Management System GIS – Los Molinos Mutual Water Company – Tehama County

Business end of UltraCam X – ENPLAN 700 square mile high resolution aerial imagery collection – multispectral and 6” pixel resolution

Marina on the North Coast – municipal GIS – our high resolution orthoimagery used as base for compilation and operation – City of Fort Bragg

Thermalito Afterbay, diversion and Oroville Reservoir - MapPort Asset Management System - Richvale Irrigation District

Bald eagle monitoring overlooking Eagle Lake – Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) – Spalding CSD Wastewater System – Lassen County

Mapping an exurban water distribution system with Trimble GPS – Shasta Community Services District

Potential wetland mitigation bank site – biological and wetland inventory – Shasta County

Wastewater system schematic – Municipal GIS – City of Mount Shasta

LiDAR shaded relief of rice fields - MapPort Asset Management System - Richvale Irrigation District

Airport Road bridge replacement – Caltrans Local Assistance program – Sacramento River, Anderson

Bridge pile driving – noise monitoring – CEQA compliance – Fall River, Shasta County

Applying bonded fiber matrix after re-establishing vernal pool bottom – Shasta County

Created wetlands – Mitigation and Implementation Plans – Willow Glen Estates

Pit River bridge replacement – compliance support – funded through Caltrans Local Assistance program – Fall River Mills

Collecting soil samples to determine the presence/absence of eggs of federally listed species of vernal pool branchipods in a wetland on a proposed subdivision site - vernal pool branchiopod surveys -

Flowering elderberry – host plant of the Threatened valley elderberry longhorn beetle – botanical survey and mitigation monitoring

Dust suppression in action – CEQA compliance – Sacramento River bridge demolition – Shasta County

Vernal pool restoration – comeback of two-horned downingia – Shasta County

Pacific treefrog concealed from predators by its coloration - Wildlife Survey - Shasta County

Wastewater pond colonized by western pond turtle – survey and relocate turtles – Placer County