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Work now in progress:


High Resolution Orthoimagery Digital Elevation Data Digital Elevation Data

Low-income housing funded by Rural Development – NEPA compliance – Red Bluff

Bridge replacement project – BMP inspections – Los Molinos

Measuring stem diameters – valley elderberry longhorn beetle exit-hole survey

Evaluating topographic barriers/hydrologic connectivity in vicinity of vernal pool known to support Endangered shrimp species – ENPLAN LiDAR digital elevation data used as base

Visualization output using our LiDAR digital elevation data – canopy layer color shaded relief

Silt fence and erosion control blankets – Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and monitoring – Construction General Permit (CGP)

CalFire Ishi Conservation Camp –reconstruction proposed – CEQA compliance – Tehama County

Obsidian projectile points found at the proposed North Fork Ranch subdivision site - Archaeological Inventory - Shasta County

Collecting soil samples to determine the presence/absence of eggs of federally listed species of vernal pool branchipods in a wetland on a proposed subdivision site - vernal pool branchiopod surveys -

Applying bonded fiber matrix after re-establishing vernal pool bottom – Shasta County

Vernal pool restoration – comeback of two-horned downingia – Shasta County

Effluent evaporation pond liner used to prevent groundwater contamination – EIS – Eagle Lake Basin

Cluster of flowers on a blue elderberry, host plant of the federal threatened valley elderberry longhorn beetle - Botanical Survey - Shasta County

Mill tailings thickener – Washington Mine -- SMARA Compliance – French Gulch

Bridge pile driving – noise monitoring – CEQA compliance – Fall River, Shasta County

Northern Pacific rattlesnake - patiently waiting at a ground squirrel burrow entrance – encountered during wildlife survey

Screening for archaeological resources near Eagle Lake – Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) – Spalding CSD Wastewater System – Lassen County

Egret foraging in restored vernal pool – habitat for Threatened vernal pool fairy shrimp and Endangered tadpole shrimp – planning, implementation, supervision and monitoring by ENPLAN

Is there still gold in them hills? – Washington Mine – SMARA Compliance – French Gulch

Northern California Veterans Cemetery site plan – CEQA/NEPA compliance

Created wetlands – Mitigation and Implementation Plans – Willow Glen Estates

Chipped basalt core used prehistorically for tool production – Archaeological Inventory

Rice fields, irrigation canals, turnouts, and drainage ditches – MapPort geospatial asset management system -- Richvale Irrigation District – Butte County.

Pit River bridge replacement – compliance support – funded through Caltrans Local Assistance program – Fall River Mills

Thermalito Afterbay, diversion and Oroville Reservoir - MapPort Asset Management System - Richvale Irrigation District

Pacific treefrog concealed from predators by its coloration - Wildlife Survey - Shasta County

LiDAR shaded relief of rice fields - MapPort Asset Management System - Richvale Irrigation District

Botanical Survey – sampling freshwater emergent vegetation in constructed wetland

Color bare earth hillshade with contours overlaid using our LiDAR digital elevation data

Phase I ESA – site inspection

Irrigation flow control structure – Asset Management System GIS – Los Molinos Mutual Water Company – Tehama County

Our LiDAR – typical bare earth hillshade or shaded relief – the ultimate in earth surface visualization

Water tank replacement funded by Rural Development – NEPA Compliance – Rolling Hills Mutual Water Company

Recording archaeological resources eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and California Register of Historic Resources (CRHR) – northeastern California

Viewshed analysis for new CHP communication tower in Mono County – green overlay indicates locations from which tower is visible – California Department of General Services

Business end of UltraCam X – ENPLAN 700 square mile high resolution aerial imagery collection – multispectral and 6” pixel resolution

Seasonal habitat – foothill yellow-legged frog – Buzzard Roost Road Bridge Replacement Project – Shasta County

Pacific treefrog tadpole at the Buzzard Roost Bridge Replacement Project at Cedar Creek - Wildlife Survey - Shasta County

Mapping an exurban water distribution system with Trimble GPS – Shasta Community Services District

Ukiah Air Attack Base Relocation – Environmental Impact Report (EIR) – Mendocino County

Marina on the North Coast – municipal GIS – our high resolution orthoimagery used as base for compilation and operation – City of Fort Bragg

Botanical survey – environmental constraints analysis for a planned industrial facility – Mount Shasta

Airport Road bridge replacement – Caltrans Local Assistance program – Sacramento River, Anderson

Safe Routes to Schools – map for parents and students to encourage walking to and from school – City of Shasta Lake

Vernal Pool Tadpole Shrimp Exoskeleton - proposed mitigation bank site on Millville Plains - Shasta County

Scoping Meeting – Initial Study (IS) and Environmental Assessment (EA) – Northern California Veterans Cemetery

Early spring bloom of wetland plants, creeping spikerush and two-horned downingia, within restored vernal pool

Wastewater pond colonized by western pond turtle – survey and relocate turtles – Placer County

Freshwater wetland creation – Elk Valley Road Widening – Del Norte County

Eagle Lake Marina reconstruction – CEQA compliance – Spalding, Lassen County

Wastewater system schematic – Municipal GIS – City of Mount Shasta

Eagle Lake Marina reconstruction - CEQA compliance - Spalding, Lassen County

Boxes contain vernal pool soil samples to be analyzed for presence of federally listed branchiopod eggs - Shasta Lands Mitigation Bank – Shasta County

Wastewater treatment pond renovation funded by USEPA and Rural Development – delineation and permitting assistance – Fort Bidwell Reservation

Stream diversion for railroad bridge repair project – environmental compliance documentation – Thomes Creek, Tehama County

Wastewater treatment clarifiers next to Pacific Ocean – GIS-based Infrastructure Asset Management System – City of Fort Bragg

Reporter examines eight UltraCam X lenses collecting high resolution multispectral aerial imagery for ENPLAN – Shasta, Tehama, Siskiyou private lands core region

Put to the test – our SWPPP and implementation hold up under a storm

Wetland delineation mapped on our 2010 high resolution imagery and LiDAR digital elevation model (DEM) data followed by field truthing and evaluation

Flowering elderberry – host plant of the Threatened valley elderberry longhorn beetle – botanical survey and mitigation monitoring

Recording limits of jurisdictional waters at a proposed subdivision site - Wetland Delineation - Shasta County

UltraCam X and platform pictured were responsible for collecting our 2008 and 2010 high-resolution coverages – manufactured by Austrian company Vexcel owned by Microsoft– our favorite camera

Wastewater treatment pond renovation funded by USEPA and Rural Development – delineation and permitting assistance – Fort Bidwell Reservation

Test Pit TP15 - upland swale - Army Corps of Engineers permit application submittal.

“Order is the foundation of all things good.” – Edmund Burke

Resident bat to be relocated – biological impact mitigation – Sacramento River Bridge Replacement

Juvenile foothill yellow-legged frog – yellow coloration evident on back legs – wildlife survey – Buzzard Roost Road, Shasta County

Historic adit – within Washington Mine Reclamation Plan study area – French Gulch

Potential wetland mitigation bank site – biological and wetland inventory – Shasta County

Visual simulation of CHP communications tower – EIR – Truckee

Dust suppression in action – CEQA compliance – Sacramento River bridge demolition – Shasta County

Glass electrical insulators used in mining operations circa 1930 – Archaeological Inventory

Milling slab used by the Atwamsini Band of the Pit River Tribe – CalFire Intermountain Conservation Camp Replacement – Lassen County

Governor Schwarzenegger – Redding Veterans Home groundbreaking ceremony – CEQA Mitigation Monitoring

Test Pit TP15 - Location - upland swale - Army Corps of Engineers permit application submittal.