Public Web Portals

ENPLAN has developed and maintains online portals that provide interactive access to land parcel information, and wildfire status for Western USA. Both are layered on top of Google Maps base, the best orthoimagery available online, and run on ENPLAN’s new MapPort® platform, making them vibrant, and very user friendly. Only a current browser is needed.

Parcel Viewer is a web map designed for land parcel research, utilization planning, feasibility analysis, and entitlement processing. Two forms are available, PV Public and PV Pro.

PV Public. Parcel Viewer Public is the skeleton version that introduces newcomers to the feel and basic functionalities of PV. It also facilitates Pro user collaboration. Access any of our county maps via the PV homepage.

PV Pro. Parcel Viewer Pro is the full-featured version with professional user functionality. Subscriptions to Parcel Viewer Pro are available by county. Two seats come with each account, meaning two users may be logged in at one time. No special up-charges are applied for use or downloading of any data. You have full control of the data resources in PV Pro without interruption of your workflow or added cost.

Parcel Viewer by ENPLAN
Wildfire Viewer displays two types of information regarding wildfires. Flame symbols indicate ground locations where MODIS satellites have detected heat levels consistent with wildfires. Perimeters reported through GeoMAC, the wildfire agency consortium site, show the extents of fire progression indicated in red. MODIS is a satellite system operated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). GeoMAC stands for Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group and is an internet-based mapping application designed for fire managers to create and share online maps of current fire perimeters in the conterminous 48 States and Alaska.
Wildfire Viewer by ENPLAN